The Story

BASICS by hill was started by NYC street photographer and world traveler, Chris Hill, who always had a liking for streetwear, but always felt like he couldn’t quite pull it off. 

The problem was that the majority of streetwear items out there are statement pieces with big branded logos and flashy colors, something that wasn’t Chris’ style. NO ONE likes to be a walking advertisement. But at the same time he enjoyed the casual looks and comfortable designs that streetwear offered.

Basic apparel pieces, neutral color tones, modern designs, and affordability were all key points when buying new apparel.

So he sat down one day and wrote down one BIG goal he had–  to create a “go-to” line of apparel that blended together streetwear clothing with a modern style for guys. 

And that’s exactly what he did.

Here Is What We Realized:

– The majority of streetwear items are statement pieces with big branded logos and flashy colors

– Fast fashion is made cheap/ not to last.

– Too oversized or too undersized 

– Expensive as hell!

This Is What We Like:

– We prefer our streetwear to look clean, simple, and casual, yet modern, so that it compliments our personality, not take it over. We strongly believe that looking like our best selves, makes us feel like our best selves!

So This Was The Plan:

– Selected streetwear apparel staples we ourselves wear every single day.

– Reimagined them with a modern style to look clean and simple.

And What We Did About It:

– Developed a palette of neutral colors to select from.

– Picked our staple fabric, a blend of cotton and elastane, to last forever, retain color, maintain size, and increase comfort throughout its life.

– Incorporate functionality into our clothing.

– Finally, set the apparel at an affordable price point.

There’s no doubt clothing is important to us, which is why we have put so much time into creating modern streetwear apparel that we ourselves would wear every single day. And if you’re anything like us, we know for a fact that you’ll end up having our apparel as your new “go-to” choice!

From The BY HILL Crew To You:

Welcome To The Brand Blending Streetwear With Modern Style